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Wedding Videography in Los Angeles + Orange County

Our wedding videos are unique and distinct to every couple. We have more of a fly on the wall approach to capturing footage (versus making it a large production). Instead of using a cookie cutter approach to gathering footage, we strive to capture each wedding as the unique event that it is. Above are more examples of wedding videography (in Los Angeles and also Orange County). Wedding videography in Orange County is a pleasure with the many scenic and amazing locations it has to offer. Wedding videography in Los Angeles is also fantastic as a professional, especially considering that LA is the epicenter of video content and creation. Wedding cinematography is one of our package options.

Los Angeles Wedding Videos

Doing wedding videography in the Los Angeles area requires the ability to work quickly and effectively, since it's bascially a run-and-gun situation. As the center of media, Los Angeles is filled with video production professional, but most of them specialize in movies and television. Shooting wedding videos is something that isn't the same as a movie set or production and requires a different approach to gathering footage well. WIth over a decade of experience cpaturing weddings, our team will make the process invisible, if not at least fun.

Orange County Wedding Cinematography

There are so many amazing wedding venues in Orange County. Wedding Videography at these locations is something that requires a professional experienced in capturing great footage in a discrete, unobtrusive manner. With over a decade of experience, we know exactly how to capture your wedding day, creating footage that doesn't feel like a production. Wedding cinematography in Orange County is something that we offer along with wedding photography, where we have a seamless photo/video team.