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Wedding Photography | Los Angeles + Orange County

Judy and Gavin are a husband-wife team that does artistic wedding photography in Orange County and candid wedding photojournalism in Los Angeles, view our best wedding photography blog for examples of our work. You can also find engagement photography in Orange County and Los Angeles, along with family portrait sessions and boudoir sessions. As professional wedding photographers, we know the importance of being a positive presence at your wedding, but at the same time being discreet and candid. We use a blend of modern artistic wedding photography, candid photojournalism, and a little bit of traditional posed photography (as "safety shots" and for parents). JG Photography specializes in a blend of various contemporary and traditional wedding photography styles to create pictures that best capture your day.

We offer a great digital wedding photo / video package as a husband and wife team. This is awesome from our standpoint, since we can take all of the idle moments in the photo and video workflow and join them. For example, most video footage of family formal pictures is boring, so instead Gavin can flip from video over to photo (either arranging lighting or taking setup photos of the reception venue). This type of teamwork is non-existant with separate vendors. It's to the point that we can do this with us and just one assistant, which minimizes the paparazzi effect that digital wedding photographers and videographers can have. JG Photography and Videography is minimally intrusive and uses a candid reportage wedding photography approach.

Los Angeles Engagement Photography

Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Judy and Gavin (JG Photography)do contemporary and modern wedding photography (Los Angeles is covered with no travel charges) in the greater Los Angeles area and Orange County. Wedding photography is amazing with all the beaches and other scenic locations that Los Angeles has to offer. From the many beaches (such as Santa Monica beach, Malibu Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Long Beach) to downtown LA (such as the Figueroa Hotel, the Biltmore Hotel, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall), Los Angeles has many amazing wedding venues for awesome wedding pictures and photos.

It's important to choose a photographer that knows the area and locations for your wedding. I've personally seen it where wedding photographers were 15 minutes late to a catholic wedding ceremony, just because they didn't know area that well (and it was a crew of four wedding photographers at that). Los Angeles has many different looks and feels about it, and an experienced and talented photographer can take their scouting knowledge to create more amazing images. For example, we like to have more than one location for an engagement photography session in Los Angeles or Orange County. With a detailed knowledge of Los Angeles, we can easily plot multiple picturesque locations in the time allotted.

Orange County Wedding Photography

We offer excellent artistic wedding photography in Orange County as part of our covered area (no travel fees). There are many scenic beaches that line the coast of Orange County, such as Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach. Wedding photos at these many hotels and resorts that line the shore make for beautiful sunsets pictures. The weather at the beach is often reliable and temperate, which is ideal for an outdoor wedding event. Orange County wedding photography examples can be seen in the blog articles above.

A top wedding photographer in Orange County should be very familiar with the local locations and scenery. One aspect of a great photographer is the ability to scout locations and find hidden gems for wedding photography. Orange County is full of rolling, grassy hils and classic tourist spots. The OC has some of the best beaches in Southern California, with a slew of beach resorts and hotels that make excellent wedding venues. Any Orange County wedding photographer should know how to really take advantage of each and every multi-colored beach sunset. Wedding photos in Orange County are our speciality.

Orange County Engagement Photography (& Los Angeles)

A modern engagement photo session can really take advantage of the many locations in Orange County and Los Angeles. Engagement photography allows our couples to become more comfortable with photography, while also giving them some cool photos in a more relaxed setting (like in a field in Orange County). Engagement pictures in Los Angeles can range from the urban scenes in downtown LA (check out these engagement photos with balloons) to the Santa Monica Pier. Engagement photography in Orange County can start in a minimalist field in Silverado Canyon or start at a train station in San Juan Capistrano. The photo shoot often ends at one of the many scenic beaches that line the Pacific coast. Laguna Beach is known for the many cliffs and rocks that line the beaches. As you work north toward Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, you get nice, smooth sand that sweeps far before it hits the boardwalk.

LA River Center Wedding

Popular Wedding Photography Pages

Wedding Photography @ Laguna Beach | Engagement Photography

Doing wedding photography at Laguna Beach (or engagement photography sessions for that matter) is a speciality of Judy and Gavin. The scenic sunsets along the beautiful coastal shores allow for some of the most amazing Laguna Beach wedding photos. Engagement photo sessions are also another great opportunity to create artistic image of the gorgeous sunsets that grace the Orange County coast. Take a look at our Laguna Beach engagement photography section to see exactly how we take advantage of each and every sunset (or the marine layer when it occasionally comes in) for a wedding photosession.

Modern Artistic Wedding Pictures

Our style is very adaptive and creative based on our subject. We prefer candid wedding photojournalism, but we use artistic poses to get modern photos. Falling back on traditional posed photography can help when our couples need more direction, but once they get in the flow the pictures make themselves. An engagement shoot is highly recommended, since it allows you to get comfortable with the camera and your wedding photographer. Los Angeles and Orange County have many great locations for modern and stylish engagement pictures. Our reportage wedding photography style also incorporates creative and artistic techniques. We are also famous photographers for our unique lighting for wedding photosessions.

We cover many ethnic weddings, such as Chinese wedding photography and Indian wedding photography. Japanese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Jewish wedding photography are some of the various ethnic wedding ceremonies and receptions that we cover. From traditional Korean wedding ceremonies with dates to Chinese tea ceremonies, Judy and Gavin are experienced wedding photographers that can artistically capture your traditions. You can find examples on our blog of Indian weddings and other ethnic weddings.

Pasadena Wedding Photography & Long Beach

We cover top wedding photography in Long Beach and wedding photography in Pasadena. We are familiar with many locations in Pasadena (we used to live in Alhambra), which allows us to get better wedding photos in Pasadena. We are also very familiar with Downtown Long Beach. Wedding photography in Long Beach is usually nice just because of the amazing weather for a wedding photo session (which is typical of Los Angeles and Orange County). Wedding photographer (Los Angeles) based in Southern California that specializes in artistic yet candid wedding photojournalism.