La Venta Inn Wedding Photography | Michelle + Ben

The La Venta Inn has a special place in our hearts, since it’s one of the first wedding venues we had the pleasure of photographing. It has a unique view of the West Los Angeles beaches that takes your breath away. Combine this with it’s historic, textured, and iconic architecture, we’d say this is an ideal wedding venue. After photographing this venue for the first time over a decade ago, we always compared other venues to this one, wondering how do you beat out a venue like the La Venta Inn. Wedding photography here is a pleasure, as the venue like this gives us so much to play with. BTW, the New York Food Company did the catering and the food was amazing to see, using different food stations that tantalized the senses. Just check out this little sample we took…

But enough about the La Venta Inn…our awesome couple Michelle and Ben is really what this is about. We find that we relate to many of our couples and their life paths. Ben is an engineer (so was Gavin before) and Michelle is a researcher (Judy was Bio going on Pharma before our little business started). So when we see these parallels in the couples that ask us to capture their special day, it really revives our own memories and experiences of each other. And when we see Michelle and Ben together, it reminds us our very own vows and our own lifelong journey together.

Check out their awesome wedding video below:

  • Venue – La Venta Inn
  • Catering – NYFC
  • Coordinator – Brenda (from La Venta Inn)

And enjoy our vision of beautiful La Venta Inn wedding photography with our sweet couple, Michelle and Ben.

La Venta Inn Water Fountain
La Venta Inn Water Fountain

For the preparation, they have this great cottage as a bridal ready room!

La Venta Inn Bridal Ready Room
La Venta Inn Bridal Ready Room

For the first look, our couple did a gift exchange with before they turned around to see each other for the first time.

First Look at the La Venta Inn
First Look at the La Venta Inn

Happy crying is always a good thing on your wedding.

Candid moment La Venta Inn
Candid Moments
Palos Verdes Sunset
Sunset in Palos Verdes
La Venta Inn Sunset Photography
La Venta Inn Sunset
La Venta Inn Wedding Photo
La Venta Inn Wedding Photo

And here is that breathtaking ocean view of Redondo Beach and the stretch of beach cities going up to Santa Monica. This is on the small hill that is Palos Verdes, of which the Le Venta Inn is on the north facing side.

La Venta Inn Wedding Ceremony
La Venta Inn Wedding Photography

The dining room is perfect for smaller and intimate wedding receptions.

La Venta Inn Reception Dinner
La Venta Inn Reception Dinner
La Venta Inn First Dance

Once it became darker, we pulled Michelle and Ben out of the wedding reception for some quick night photography in low-light, since the photos often take on a whole new look and feel.

La Venta Inn night wedding photo
La Venta Inn at Night

The gazebo made a really nice focal point, especially with the twinkling lights of the city down below.

La Venta Inn view at night wedding photo
La Venta Inn with a night view

This wedding was shot at the La Venta Inn in Palos Verdes. Wedding photography examples in Palos Verdes can be found here. We also provided wedding videography services. For more examples of wedding photography in Los Angeles and La Venta Inn wedding photography, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.