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Los Angeles Wedding Photography (LA)

Here are blog articles of Los Angeles wedding photography. Los Angeles has many great wedding venues and locations, as you can see below. JG Photography is located in Los Angeles County, so we often shoot anywhere from Santa Monica Beach to Downtown Los Angeles. Wedding photography is amazing in the many local spots that LA has to offer, so ake sure you choose a Los Angeles wedding photographer that can create iconic and amazing photos of your wedding day.

Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Here are a bunch of examples of wedding photography in Los Angeles. Wedding pictures in Los Angeles is our local specialty. There are so many amazing locations and wedding venues to take unique and modern wedding photos. Downtown LA provides an urban backdrop, while not too far away you have scenic beaches in Santa Monica and Malibu. Make sure to view the articles above to see these Los Angeles venues through the eyes of a professional wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles

When looking for a wedding photographer (Los Angeles), it's important to choose a Los Angeles wedding photographer that knows great locations to shoot at. One aspect of a great photographer is the ability to scout new locations, often seeing something beautiful in something mundane or ordinary. It also is important for a wedding photographer to know what locations are also permissable to photograph professionally, since it can otherwise lead to tickets or trespassing. For example, this image: could easily lead to a trespassing fine (it's automatically trespassing on ANY railroad track).

Los Angeles - Downtown (LA)

We love to photograph in downtown LA. There are so many textured and urban backdrops to choose from. Downtown Los Angeles has a variety of water fountains, graffiti, mirrored surfaces, and tall buildings to use in creative and unique wedding photographs.