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It was just an ordinary Saturday in Manhattan Beach where Brianna & Weston met not by just chance alone but also by fate as well.  Brianna didn’t feel like going out that night, but one of her girlfriends convinced her to go to Shades for a birthday party.  “I don’t really want to go…I mean, it’s not like my future husband will be at Shade,”  Brianna said.  Little did she know… 

As she stood in line (waiting to get a bottle of champagne for the table) she started up a conversation with a tall and handsome guy in front of her.  And what did they talk about??  What men love most… Football!!  Brianna loves football.  And Weston, he knew football; he actually played in college!!  They talk about Tim Tebow, a football player from Bri’s college (University of Florida), who happened to be picked up by Weston’s favorite pro-football team (the Denver Broncos).  They shared many laughs that night and Weston asked for Bri’s number!!  And well… the rest is history!!

Picture this:  A romantic wedding in a beautiful glass chapel, on a cliff, over-looking the Pacific Ocean! It’s every girl’s dream!!  It was a beautiful sunny day when Brianna and Weston vowed their lives to each other in front of their family and friends at the gorgeous Wayfarer’s Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes.

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0001 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0004 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0005 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0008 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0009

I love the colors that Bri picked out!!



Look closely at the picture and you’ll see that the two groomsmen are mocking Bri & Weston’s engagement photos.  LOL.  Which by the way… are stunning!!  Don’t forget to check out their engagement photos in Manhattan Beach. 

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0015 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0016 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0017 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0026


The reaction of all her bridesmaids as they see her for the first time!!  SOOOOO cute!!

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0030 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0031 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0032

Such a gorgeous bride!!

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0033 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0035 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0037 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0038 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0039

What a stunning group!!


They had a “first look” without seeing each other.  They held hands and exchange “i love yous” just minutes prior to the ceremony.

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0042 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0043 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0045 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0047

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0049 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0050 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0051 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0052 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0053 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0054 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0055 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0057 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0059 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0060

The newly weds…

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0061 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0062 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0063

What a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos!!

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0064 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0065 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0066 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0067 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0070 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0071

After the wedding ceremony, we drove back to Casa Del Mar, Santa Monica where they hosted their wedding reception.  Gavin and I looooove doing wedding photography at Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica.  This luxurious Hotel by the Sea is literally right on the beach and Santa Monica Pier is just minutes away.  We were so stoked to get there just in time to catch the beautiful sunset.

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0072 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0073 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0074 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0075 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0076

Can I please get a “WOW.”  heheehe  =D

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0077 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0078 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0079 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0080 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0081

A huge thank you to the amazing Constance Curtis for a perfectly planned wedding!!  It was a joy working with you!

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0083 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0084

Babys Breath… simple and elegant!! What a perfect representation of the bride and groom!

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0085 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0086 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0087

I absolutely LOVE that Brianna added a personal touch (and in honoring their guests) by having photo of her and/or Weston with each guests at the table!!

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0088 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0091

These guys don’t kid around!! They really know how to throw a party!!  The dance floor was packed!

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0092 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0094 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0095 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0105



casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0113 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0115 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0116 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0123 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0125 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0128 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0130 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0134

They also had karoke during the last hour of the reception.  Brianna and Weston rocked it with “I Just Called to Say I Love You”

casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0140 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0142 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0143 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0153 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0154 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0155 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0156 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0157 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0158 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0159 casa-del-mar-wedding-photography-0161

Sparkler Exit… what a perfect ending to a perfect day!!


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