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Gavin Holt Published | The Successful Wedding Photographer

Happy New Year Everyone!!  What an amazing way for JG Photography to jump start year 2012!!  Gavin was featured in the book… The Successful Wedding Photographer!!  The Editors of PhotoPreneur  interviewed Gavin a while back and dedicated an entire chapter to how Gavin successfully started our photography business.  I’m so honored to have him not only as a life partner, but as a business partner as well.  I’m so proud of all his accomplishments over the years!  

Gavin graduated UCLA with a Computer Science and Engineering degree but decided that he didn’t want a desk job.  Using the knowledge that he knew about computers and programming, Gavin started our photography and videography business in May of 2006.  This book highlights how Gavin successfully built our first website — Gavin Photography, and how important the internet has been for helping our clients find us.  I always tease Gavin about being “the Master of Lighting” and an “Internet Guru.”  And reading this book, my feelings are validated even more.  He’s more than just a business man with an expensive camera, Gavin is an artist that dedicates his time to taking care of each client and creating artistic photographs.  In the short 5 years that we’ve been doing wedding photography (& videography), we’ve been blessed by many beautiful moments and friendships!!  I’m so excited for our feature …