Los Angeles Athletic Club Wedding Photography | Elissa & Brandon

Rain on your wedding day is a symbol of luck.  In the Chinese/Asian culture, it’s symbolic of money and it’s symbolic of new, fresh starts.

The thing is that we look at rain as something unique here in sunny Southern California (since we don’t get rain very often).  When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, and Gavin and I love making some tasty lemonade! One thing we’ve learned as photographers is that there is beauty in literally everything.  There is beauty in both life and death, simplicity and chaos, happiness and tragedy, and in both sunshine and rain. It’s a great metaphor for life.  It also shows that the love Elissa and Brandon have for each other shines through in the pouring rain.  It shows that the love that their family and friends have for them endures both the bad (weather) and the good (one hell of a party after the bad weather).  And here’s how we chose to capture that:


So have fun on this atypical Los Angeles wedding, but then again the love on a wedding day is often never typical!

la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0001 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0003 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0004 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0005 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0006 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0007 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0008 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0009 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0010 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0011 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0012 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0014 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0015 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0016 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0017

We did the first look on the rooftop, luckily before the rain came.  We love wedding photography on rooftops in downtown Los Angeles.

la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0018 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0019 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0021 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0022

It started to rain, so we took the bridal party inside to finish the bridal party wedding photography.

la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0024 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0026 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0027 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0028 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0029 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0030

la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0031 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0032 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0033

We asked our couple and they were cool to get a little moist for an awesome rain wedding photography opportunity.  We had them under the entrance tarp, but we sure got a little wet.  Worth it!

la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0035 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0036

This is why we actually get excited about wedding photography in the rain and inclement situations.  When your wedding day gives you lemons, we make lemonade.  With some basil.  And vodka.

la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0038 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0039 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0040 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0041 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0042

And here they really let us have our way for a little wedding photography in the rain.  Luckily it’s only a sprinkle and our cameras were pulling out way more than the human eye would ever see.

la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0043 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0044 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0046

So here you can see their wedding ceremony on the rooftop of the Los Angeles Athletic Club completely in the rain.  But even then the warmth and love of their loved ones made it intimate and beautiful.

la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0050 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0051 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0052 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0053 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0054 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0055 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0057 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0058 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0059

They had a snow machine for the wedding ceremony, but the rain prevented it from really taking off.  These next two photos are all that we got with it, but luckily we were able to capture it and salvage an awesome memory from it.

la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0060 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0061

Here are photos of the banquet hall at the LA Athletic Club in Los Angeles.

la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0062 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0063

la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0064 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0065 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0066 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0067 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0069 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0070 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0071 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0072 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0074 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0077 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0080 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0081 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0083 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0086 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0092 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0093 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0108 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0109 la-athletic-club-wedding-photography-0111

Thank you Bonny of B-Spoke Events for all your hard work in making Elissa and Brandon’s wedding at the LA Athletic Club so smooth and flawless!!  For more examples of Los Angeles wedding photography and the LA Athletic Club, check out the rest of our blog.  This wedding has examples of dealing with rain and inclement weather, which is a rare thing in Los Angeles.

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