Santa Monica Beach Elopement Wedding Photography | Coree + Chris

Coree and Chris decided to have a private and intimate destination elopement wedding at Santa Monica Beach. With the iconic pier in the background, it was just them and a pastor joining them together with the vows of matrimony. They stayed at the historic Casa del Mar hotel, which we definitely used for some elopement wedding photos at night after the wedding ceremony. So here is our Santa Monica elopement wedding!

Elopement Wedding at Santa Monica Beach

Wedding Photos at Santa Monica Beach and Pier

After their intimate wedding ceremony, we gave them a minute to soak it all in. Then we walked down the Santa Monica boardwalk towards the pier, walking under the Santa Monica pier and popping up on the other side for sunset photos. There is something about the Santa Monica Pier that symbolizes Southern California and Los Angeles.

Night Wedding Photos at the Pier and Casa Del Mar

This showcases a Santa Monica elopement wedding ceremony on the beach with the pier in the background. We shot on the pier at night, getting the ferris wheel in the background, lit up and beautiful. We also finished the elopement wedding photos at Casa del Mar, the hotel that they were staying at for their destination wedding for two.

Make sure to check out our elopement wedding packages and pricing page on our main website. We have all of our elopement prices online, which makes things transparent and easy for our couple doing online wedding photography research. Also make sure to check out more examples of intimate weddings and elopement ceremonies on the rest of our photography blog!

Dealing with Coronavirus for Weddings

Small, intimate weddings are becoming a popular way to deal with the many restrictions that COVID-19 has placed on us. Large weddings are dangerous and super-spreading events, so here are guidelines for having a wedding during Coronavirus:

  • Physically distance: This virus is aerosolized and partly airborne, so physical distance is one of the best ways to reduce transmission rates
  • Outdoors is safer: the rate of Coronavirus transmission is 20x lower when outdoors versus indoors. It’s just waaaaaay safer.
  • Masks: this may be weird for photos, but that will timestamp the era your wedding took place. Masks work.
  • Headcount: the more people you have, the more risk. More people means less physical space and more chances for transmission. Have a small ceremony now and a big party in a year or two when it’s safe.

We have special prices for weddings during coronavirus. These packages are geared toward the small events, with prices reflecting that shorter wedding day. Feel free to reach out to us to find out how we can help you capture your special wedding event or elopement. We also can work with you on having a small wedding ceremony this year, followed by a larger reception event in a year or two. These are trying times, but we all have the ability to adapt. Plus, it’s historic to say that your wedding happened during a once-a-century pandemic.