Indian Wedding Photography | Amisha & Morty

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  And now… it’s time to get them Christmas decorations up.  Gavin and I already got our Noble Fir up, the stockings are hung, and now we just need presents under the tree.  You know what that means… SHOPPING!! =) I’m so excited and absolutely love this time of the year.

For some couples, it was love at first sight!!  But for Amisha and Morty, well… let’s just say that wasn’t exactly the case. They first met at a house party in the summer of 2006.  At the time, they both had significant others and funny enough Amisha couldn’t stand Morty!! It took a little bit of time (actually a whole year) for them to warm up to each other.  And that warmth turned into a friendship, and when the timing was right became a passionate romance.  A love that is now sealed by the bonds of marriage.

Amisha and Morty are a fun and beautiful couple and their Indian wedding was nothing short of that. Their Indian wedding was filled with vibrant colors, ornate details and not to mention a ton of delicious food!! Yup… they sure know the way to their photographer’s heart!! =) Aside from all the deliciousness, I love shooting Indian weddings because they are rich with traditions.  There’s one fun and light-hearted tradition (game) that reminds me of Chinese weddings… and that is making money at the Groom’s expense. [Haha.]  Prior to the start of the ceremony, the Bride’s sister and cousins would try to steal and hide the Groom’s shoe.  On the other hand, the Groom’s side tries to protect the shoe.  However, in the end, the bridesmaids usually successfully steals the shoe and will not return it until the Groom gives them a huge sum of money.

indian-wedding-photography-0001 indian-wedding-photography-0002 indian-wedding-photography-0005 indian-wedding-photography-0006 indian-wedding-photography-0007 indian-wedding-photography-0010 indian-wedding-photography-0012 indian-wedding-photography-0013 indian-wedding-photography-0014 indian-wedding-photography-0015 indian-wedding-photography-0016 indian-wedding-photography-0017 indian-wedding-photography-0018 indian-wedding-photography-0019 indian-wedding-photography-0020 indian-wedding-photography-0021 indian-wedding-photography-0023 indian-wedding-photography-0024 indian-wedding-photography-0026 indian-wedding-photography-0035 indian-wedding-photography-0036 indian-wedding-photography-0037 indian-wedding-photography-0038 indian-wedding-photography-0041 indian-wedding-photography-0044

Stealing of the shoe (as I mentioned earlier).

indian-wedding-photography-0046 indian-wedding-photography-0050 indian-wedding-photography-0051 indian-wedding-photography-0052

Another fun tradition.  Whoever throws the rice first gets the upper hand in the marriage. =)

indian-wedding-photography-0053 indian-wedding-photography-0054 indian-wedding-photography-0055 indian-wedding-photography-0057 indian-wedding-photography-0058 indian-wedding-photography-0060 indian-wedding-photography-0062 indian-wedding-photography-0063 indian-wedding-photography-0064 indian-wedding-photography-0066 indian-wedding-photography-0068 indian-wedding-photography-0069 indian-wedding-photography-0070 indian-wedding-photography-0071

Morty had to pay to get his shoes back.

indian-wedding-photography-0072 indian-wedding-photography-0074 indian-wedding-photography-0075 indian-wedding-photography-0076 indian-wedding-photography-0076' indian-wedding-photography-0078 indian-wedding-photography-0080 indian-wedding-photography-0083 indian-wedding-photography-0086 indian-wedding-photography-0088 indian-wedding-photography-0090 indian-wedding-photography-0091 indian-wedding-photography-0093 indian-wedding-photography-0098 indian-wedding-photography-0099 indian-wedding-photography-0100 indian-wedding-photography-0101 indian-wedding-photography-0110 indian-wedding-photography-0118 indian-wedding-photography-0119 indian-wedding-photography-0121 indian-wedding-photography-0122 indian-wedding-photography-0123

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