Hotel Maya, Long Beach Wedding Photography | Kristin & Ryan

Happy Tuesday and Happy New Year!! May year 2015 bring you lots of love, warmth, and happiness. May it be a memorable one filled with laughter and good fortune. I already know it’s gonna be a great one for my 2015 couples. =) And as for me, I’m so excited to work with all my new couples, explore different venues, and most of all I look forward to the many opportunities to learn and grow as a photographer. 

“When a girl is in love, you can see it in her smile. When a boy is in love, you can see it in his eyes!” He has loved her for 3,311 days!! I can bet that Kristin and Ryan will be looking forward to a life-time of smiles.  We see so many people in love in our little company: old love, young love, quirky love, and passionate love.  These two come to mind as a young and pure love that is untarnished and genuinely sweet.  It shows in the so many moments from the day (excuse the number of photos below, since I couldn’t help but over-select!).

Thank you Jenna (of Engaged Events) for a perfectly flawless day at Hotel Maya!! It was so much fun working with you gals twice in one weekend!!

hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0001 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0009

Gotta love having scotch and cards to start the day for the boys!

hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0010 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0013 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0014 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0015 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0017 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0018

I absolutely LOVE this look on her grandmother’s face as she got dressed.

hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0019 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0020 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0021

They did a gift exchange and wrote letters to each other before their first look. It’s so sweet that Ryan knew exactly how long he’s been in love with Kristin.

hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0025 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0026 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0029' hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0030

Most couples have a first look now-a-days to make the wedding day easier to manage. When a wedding ceremony is closer to sunset, it’s less toasty here in sunny California but it doesn’t leave much time for photos.  Having a first look allows us to get photos out of the way early (such as the bridal party), which gives the couple more time to go to the cocktail hour and mingle with their guests. Instead of just the two of them, Kristin and Ryan wanted the bridal party to be apart of the first look. Kristin also wanted Ryan to see her as she walked up to him. SOOO cute!

hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0031 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0032 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0033 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0036 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0038 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0040 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0041 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0043 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0045 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0046 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0054 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0055 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0056

One thing we love is shooting into the sun directly to get the beautiful starburst that results (from an under-exposure).

hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0058 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0060 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0061 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0064 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0065 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0066

hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0073 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0074 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0077 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0079

… And the Bridezilla comes out!! j/k!! Kristin was no where near being Brizezilla!

hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0080 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0085 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0087 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0093 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0094 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0095 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0096 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0099 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0100  hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0103 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0104 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0106 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0107 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0108 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0109 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0113

This picture really, really speaks to me about Kristin and Ryan.  He had to look away at the same time that she buried her head into her dad’s shoulder as they walk down the aisle.  Not only is this super-cute, it’s also one of the things where a couple will mirror each other in behavior.

hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0116 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0117 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0118 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0119 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0122 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0124 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0125 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0126 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0127 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0128 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0130 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0133 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0135 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0136 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0137' hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0141 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0142 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0143 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0144 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0147 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0153 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0154 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0160 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0161 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0163 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0164 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0175 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0177 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0178 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0179 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0188 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0191 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0192 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0210 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0211 hotel-maya-wedding-photography-0212

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