Los Angeles Engagement Photography Sessions (LA)

Here are blog articles of engagement photography in Los Angeles. Engagement photography sessions are a great way to get to know your engagement and/or wedding photographer. Los Angeles has a ton of amazing locations, but also comes with many restrictions. Our movie industry has created locations that are more sensitive to productions of any size, including small engagement photography sessions. Some locations require permits, some locations don't allow any photography at all, and some are simply free and unrestricted. Make sure your wedding photographer understands these limitations and can get the photos that you want.

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Things to consider for Engagement Photography in Los Angeles

  • Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) is the best for that urban and city look
  • There are so many different locales in downtown Los Angeles. Engagement Photography can be of the amazing skyline (like the DTLA skyline seen here) or of unique grafitti. It can be of parts of downtown Los Angeles that look like Chicago or of stunning views from Griffith Observatory. It can be of urban water fountains or or the iconic Santa Monica Beach Pier. There is such a wide variety and many of it has the distinct urban texture that can only be described as LA.

  • Be wary of location limitations
  • There are many locations that restrict access to photography just because of the engrained film industry. I have literally been threatened by off-duty cops working for FilmLA for shooting for free for a non-profit, on a public sidewalk. Some locations are locked down because of ruder wedding photographers. So make sure you check with locations before you shoot.

  • Beaches are nice, but crowded
  • The sunsets at Santa Monica Beach can be AMAZING, but we will have to shoot around a bunch of beachgoers and tourists. Weekdays are best for getting around the crowds. Combined with a good photographer and good photographic techniques (like lighting and plain being nice to people), we can get amazing photos at the beach, pier, and of the sunset.

  • There is architecture, but only from the last 100 years
  • The history of Los Angeles peaks in the past 100 years, where it's a combination of the founding and growth of the movie industry, the growth of a metropolis, and the sprawl that resulted from it. This is awesome for many looks in the past century, such as this vintage roaring 20's engagement photography session at the historic Union Station.

  • Los Angeles has a distinct look
  • There is something about LA that is just, ... LA. It's the second largest city in the US. It's the center of media and movies. It's the town of celebrities and sunny beaches and surfer culture. It's somethign that destination engagement shoots want, where it makes their photos distinct and unique.

    Engagement Photography in Los Angeles

    Here are some examples of Los Angeles engagement photography. Los Angeles is an amazing place for photo shoots, but many places are now restricted due the many film productions. This has led to many permit requirements for beautiful locations. A good photographer will be able to still find good places for engagement photography in Los Angeles without the worry of permit fees. There are the many beaches that line the shore, from Malibu beach (which is a state beach that requires a permit) to Santa Monica Beach to Palos Verdes. There are many scenic city scapes and old buildings in downtown Los Angeles. Engagement photography in Los Angeles is one of our many specialties.

    Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Photography

    When doing an engagement photography session in downtown Los Angeles, it's important that the photographer knows where they are and where they are going. I know one photographer that was robbed at gunpoint during an engagement shoot in downtown Los Angeles right in front of the couple, mostly since they had wandered to an unsafe area. There is an amazing amount of texture and urban eye-candy, varying from the polished steel slopes of the Walt Disney Concert Hall (WDCH) to the New York -like underground areas to the artist colonies with insanely awesome graffiti backdrops. You can find more examples here for downtown los angeles (LA) engagement photography