Redondo Beach Engagement Photography | M & N

I absolutely love it when my couples think outside the box and put together a creative and unique engagement session.

M & N wanted an engagement session that reflects their hobbies as well as incorporating their careers, yet not too cliche.   And what did they come up with… a slew of contrasting ideas and scenarios:

  • a patient-doctor psycho-therapy session (N is a psychiatrist, but no, she’s not his patient  😉 ). They actually met at a bar and hit it off instantly with their common interest in running marathons.
  • a “fancy” boxed wine dinner (with red solo cups) and Ralph’s rotisserie chicken.
  • and lastly, my favorite… snowboarding at the beach, in the sand!! I guess that’s what [we] Californians have to do in a severe drought right?  Haha



M went on and on and on telling her therapist about her day only to find out he was sleeping the whole time. HA!

redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0003 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0004 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0005 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0006 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0007 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0008 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0009

Yeah… I think these guys are at the wrong place!! But we still had a lot of fun!

redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0010 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0011 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0012 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0013 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0014 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0015 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0017 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0018 redondo-beach-engagement-photography-0019

So romantic!! I love the moon in the back!


  1. Dave says:

    What a fun nighttime shoot! I guess they were big on the snowboarding. 🙂

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