Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography | Megan & Luis

One thing I often forget is that California is home to beautiful beaches, even the popular, tourist-trappy ones.  I’m often reminded of this every time I have a couple come in from out of state to do a shoot here.  In this case, Megan and Luis came from Arizona (Sedona).  They had Luis’ son come along for a few family photos while we were at it.  We did the engagement photography session at the Santa Monica Pier, which hosts a large beach, an iconic pier, and regularly beautiful sunsets.

Initially, we were only shooting there engagement session in Santa Monica. After seeing their photos, Megan and Luis invited to shoot their wedding in Arizona as well. It’s hard to describe, but it’s awesome watching a couple be in love with each other.  Hopefully we can get a blog of their wedding in Sedona up soon so that you can witness the happiness and joy of their wedding day (in spite of inclement weather!), but until then here’s their engagement photos here in Sunny Southern California!

santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0001 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0002 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0003 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0004 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0005 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0007 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0008 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0009 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0010 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0011 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0012 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0013 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0014 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0015 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0016 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0017 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0018 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0019 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0020 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0022 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0023

Then we went under the Santa Monica Pier for more photography.

santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0024 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0025 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0026 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0027 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0028 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0029

Check out our blog for more examples of engagement photography in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.  Wedding photography for this couple was done at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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