Santa Monica Pier & Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Photography | Linda & Ryan

In a room filled with people, somehow their eyes met and her smile captivated his heart.  It was 7  years ago when Linda and Ryan met for the first time.   She moved down to LA from San Jose for school and she was introduced to him through a friend of another friend.  They hung out together a few times but it was always with a group of friends, though they both secretly wanted time alone with each other.  Until finally, 4 months later (Ryan, what took you so long?? Linda wanted me to add that part!! 😉 ), on Valentine’s Day of 2008, they went on their first official date together.

Linda and Ryan is another perfect example of what true love is [regardless of distance]!!  Later that year, Linda moved back to San Jose after she finished school and got her nursing license.  They had a long distance relationship for two years and it only made their love for each other stronger by the day.  Each time they saw each other, it was even more special.  And finally in 2010, Linda moved permanently to LA to be with Ryan.  I’m so happy that they are now together in the same city and that they will be sharing forever together!!

“What’s meant to be, will find a way…”


For their engagement session, they had a cute little picnic while enjoying Santa Monica Pier.


They are so cute together.

downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0006 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0007 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0008 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0009 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0010

It was pretty gloomy along the coast when we did their engagement session.  However, we were lucky to get these awesome & unique rays of light beaming through the clouds in the far distance.  It was so beautiful!!

downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0011 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0012 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0014 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0015 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0016 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0017 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0018 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0019 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0021 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0022


And because it was gloomy all day, the overcast clouds made for an awesome backdrop against the downtown Los Angeles skyline!!

downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0027 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0023 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0025 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0026 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0028

downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0030 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0031 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0032

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