Santa Monica Pier Sunset Engagement Photography | Lucy & Alan

One of my favorite aspects of photographing a wedding is being able to hang out with my couple during their engagement session. I honestly don’t consider engagement sessions to be “work” but rather a double date. It’s a great opportunity for us to get to know our couples and for our couples to know us and our style of shooting. Also, I can’t complain about going to the beach and enjoying gorgeous sunsets two to three times a week! Perks of being a So-Cal photographer. 😉

And speaking of gorgeous sunsets, OMG, Lucy and Alan’s engagement session in Santa Monica is by far one of the BEST sunsets that I’ve seen. I kid you not, the sky was on fire!! It started off as an overcast day and then out of no where, hues of purple and then orange & magenta lit up the sky.

santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0001 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0002 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0003 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0004 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0005 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0006 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0007 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0009 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0010 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0011 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0012 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0013 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0014 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0015 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0016 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0017 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0018 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0019 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0020 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0021 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0022 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0023 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0026 santa-monica-pier-engagement-photography-0027

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