Downtown Los Angeles Night Engagement Photography | Allison & Matt

Allison and Matt have a long distance relationship, as Matt is currently stationed in Texas. For their engagement session, they wanted (only) night photos around downtown Los Angeles. It was perfect because Matt was gonna fly in on Thursday night (on July 4th weekend) just to do the engagement session and then stay the weekend with Allison. We planned to start 10:00pm but unfortunately things didn’t go as planned (LOL). Due to his flight being cancelled and then holiday traffic coming out of LAX, their session didn’t start until 11:30pm and ended at 2:00am. Nope, not kidding!!

With working all day then having to deal with a canceled flight and having to book another; then staying up till 2:00am for the engagement session (without eating dinner), Matt is truly a trooper!! He did not complain one bit and was all smiles as he enjoyed every second of it with his beautiful fiancee. These two are absolute adorable together and I can’t get enough of them.  I love that they were always smiling and cherishing every second together.  I’m so happy to get an update from Allison recently saying that she just moved to Texas with Matt. I’m so glad that they’re together in the same place now.  Congratulations!!

downtown-la-night-engagement-photography-0001 downtown-la-night-engagement-photography-0002 downtown-la-night-engagement-photography-0005

We love shooting at the DWP (John Ferraro Building) in Los Angeles. It’s got one of the most gorgeous view of Los Angeles’s skyline at night. Luckily for Allison and Matt the fountains came on that night (though it didn’t have any lights).  No problem though, we lit it up ourselves!!  😉

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