Los Angeles Engagement Photography | Dalana & Brandon

It really made my day when I got the email from Brandon & Dalana asking for me to shoot their engagement photos. “We really love your engagement photos and were wondering if you would be available for an engagement shoot.  Sorry for the last minute notice but seeing your photos made us change our minds about some things 😉 .”  I am extremely flattered to receive such a sweet compliment. I’m so happy that our photos speak more than words, but more importantly our couples believe in us, they trust that we can capture their happiness and freeze that moment forever.  So read on for more about our Los Angeles engagement photography session…

Graffiti in the Art District

At first Dalana and Brandon were a bit apprehensive about doing a photo shoot but loosen up within the first few minutes.  They both were a bit nervous since it’s their first time doing a photo session, but their natural perfect ease with each other has me in awe and I kept snapping away… frame after frame of two lovers in love.

We did their engagement photos in Downtown Los Angeles.  I love, LOVE Dalana’s red dress against these backgrounds. And that’s one of my advice for all brides during an engagement. You want to pick a color that makes you “pop”.

Graffiti Engagement Photography
Graffiti Engagement Photography

Oh, you know… just a normal Sunday afternoon chillin in front of a big ape mural. 🙂

Graffiti Engagement Photography
Graffiti Engagement Photography
Graffiti Engagement Photography Los Angeles
Los Angeles Graffiti Engagement Photography
Graffiti Engagement Photos
Graffiti Engagement Photos

And when they asked if we could take a photo with these, we totally geeked out and got excited. “As you wish”

Geeky Engagement Photo (Princess Bride)
Geeky Engagement Photo (Princess Bride)

Railroad + Train Tracks

We found inactive train tracks (shooting on live tracks is pretty dumb) to shoot on, creating some awesome engagement photos. The setting sun reflected off the train tracks, making everything glow.

Los Angeles engagement photography with Train Tracks
Los Angeles engagement photography with Train Tracks
Los Angeles engagement photography
Los Angeles engagement photography

This Los Angeles engagement photography included graffiti art in the Art District, along with photos on train tracks and railroads.

To see more of our work, definitely wander around our blog for more examples of engagement and wedding photography. You can also check out our Instagram for more recent work, like this one taken out on a salt flat:

Salt Flats are amazing

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