Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Photography Water Fountain | Marilyn + Wes

As more and more photographers shoot in downtown Los Angeles for engagement and wedding sessions, we’ve noticed that more and more of the locations are getting more and more restrictive (due to obtrusive and/or rude photographers).  One of our favorite water fountains started shutting off the water at night, but Marilyn and Wes really loved the look of that fountain.  Since we are always experimenting with our photography, Gavin actually took the time to build a rain machine in our backyard to emulate the look of that water fountain.  The awesome thing is that since it is in our backyard, we could have more fun with it, such as getting our couple completely soaked!!!  Definitely check out this fun engagement photography water fountain session in downtown Los Angeles (LA), which started at the WDCH (Walt Disney Concert Hall) and ended in our backyard of all places!

This Los Angeles engagement photography session took place in downtown LA, more specifically at the Walt Disney Concert Hall (WDCH), Grand Park, and the DWP building.  We used a home-built rain machine for the falling water fountain engagement photography, which is a bit much for a single photo look (but we really love the style and how hard it is to get it).  Check out the rest of our blog for more examples of engagement photos in downtown LA.

We specialize in low-light night engagement and wedding photography, which is why we get so excited to make images like these (to the point of building a structure in our backyard LOL). We create edgier and modern wedding photos, often with unique lighting, higher contrast, and often in less ideal situations. Falling water is one of them, though luckily engagement photography with water fountains is a lot more controlled and manageable. We love shooting in the rain and other crazy scenarios. Make sure to check out our Instagram feed to see our more recent work and new stuff.