Beach Engagement Photography (LA and Orange County Beaches)

Here are blog articles of engagement photos sessions taken at beaches in Los Angeles County and Orange County. These include beaches going up and down the California coast, from Laguna Beach to Santa Monica Beach to Malibu Beach.

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Engagement Photography at the beach

We specialize in taking unique beach engagement photos, using advanced lighting techniques to take advantage of blue skies, golden sunsets, and the purple dusk. Because of our low-light expertise, our beach engagement photography is unique and different, with a portion of our photos coming after the sun has already set. We can bring out the golden tones of the sunset using studio lighting that is brought portably on location. We love using the unique textures and shapes of the ocean and the shoreline that it crashes against. From crashing ocean waves to seagulls sweeping the horizon, our engagement photography at the beach is unique, with a different style and look. Just take a look at the many examples above and see which one you like. There are many beaches to choose from. Laguna Beach has some of the best scenic ocean cliffs in California. Santa Monica Beach has the iconic Santa Monica Pier in the background, along with a lot of colorful ambient light that let's us shoot into the night. Malibu beach has many scenic spots that are often used in movies and television.