Los Angeles Engagement Photography | Sandy & Chris

The beginning of Sandy and Chris’s love story started at a wedding!!  Chris was eying Sandy the whole day but in the end, he was too shy to approach her.  After the wedding, Chris asked the bride (Mrs. X) about Sandy and it turns out that Sandy was the Groom’s (Mr. X) cousin.  Mr. and Mrs X knew Chris’s interest in Sandy, so they decided to hook them up.  They organized a dinner party at their place and invited Chris, Sandy, and a group of their friends.  To make sure that everyone would mingle at dinner, the Groom decided to make the dinner a murder mystery.  SO FREAKIN COOL!! To make sure that Chris talked to Sandy, Chris was given the role of a detective (since he had to talk to everyone to solve the mystery).  As Inspector Nutella, Chris found it hard to interrogate all the suspects, to keep track of the clues, and, most importantly, to not look like a doofus in front of Baroness Ravioli, played by Sandy.  In the end, Chris wasn’t able to find out who was the murder but he got some pretty darn useful information from Sandy.  That’s right… her number and email!!  Chris FTW!!  =)

Chris and Sandy’s wedding is a special wedding for Gavin and I in that Chris is a good friend of ours.  We’ve known him for about six years now and we couldn’t be more happier for him.  Sandy is a great girl and they are definitely two peas in a pod!!  We are so excited and honored to be their Huntington Hyatt Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer.   For their engagement session, we hit up the Getty Center (engagement photography), Santa Monica Pier (engagement), and LACMA Light Display (engagement session).  It was so much fun spending the afternoon with our good friends Chris and Sandy.  To top it off… we ended the night with some delicious Sushi!!

The beautiful architectural backdrop of the Getty Center is a photographer’s play-land.

I love this picture!!

I absolutely LOVE the following series with the various background colors!!  So cool right??

I love shooting into the sun!! Solar flairs are so awesome for pictures…

Santa Monica Pier… here we come!!!

The LACMA light display is getting more and more popular!  If  you haven’t already… check out LACMA, it’s awesome there.