Laguna Beach Engagement Photography | Winnie & Donny

Happy Easter Everyone!!  Wow… I can’t believe it’s already Easter!!  It felt like only yesterday that Gavin and I tied the knot and celebrated all the holiday festivities with close friends and family… and now it’s already April.  Where has the time gone??  On a brighter note though, it’s Spring now!!  And guess what that means… Engagement and Wedding Season!!  Of course!!!  The past couple of weeks have been packed with engagement sessions.  I can’t wait to introduce all my couples and share with you their love stories.  This year is gonna be great!!

I had so much fun spending the afternoon with Winnie and Donny!  What I love most about these two is their love for each other.   They have been together for 14 years!!  They met in high school but didn’t start dating each other until the beginning of college.  The first two years (LA and Berkeley) and last two years (California and Ohio) of their relationship was long distance.  Their love for each other was so strong… they made it work and distance was not a problem!!  I’m so happy and excited for them as they are together now… in one place and starting a family of their own.  When we first met over coffee to discuss their wedding, I instantly clicked with both of them.  We all had pharmacy in common! hahaha.  Winnie works for Procter and Gamble (a large and well known pharmaceutical company) as a business, marketing consultant.  Donny just graduate Western Pharmacy School and had some mutual friends with me.

“We used to take walks along the beach at night and sit and talk until morning” is what they told me!  How romantic is that!!  So what better places to do their engagement session than at the beach!!  These two love the beach so much, they decided to get married on a beautiful yacht in Newport.

I shot their engagement session at only one location… Laguna!!  Laguna Beach engagement sessions are just gorgeous!!  We started off at a few random homes (LOL) and made our way down to the beach!!

I absolutely love solar flairs…

Yeah…this was in front of someone’s house!!

Laguna Beach has one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve seen!!

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