Laguna Beach Engagement Photography | Elonna & Stephen

When I was 16 years old, I asked my mom for piano lessons.  Instead, she got me an upright piano.  It was a hand-me-down Kimball.  So when Stephan pulled up in a U-Haul with a Kimball piano in the back, I knew exactly what we were getting into, or should I say I knew exactly how heavy that thing would be!

Yes, we dragged a full, not-gutted-out-like-I-wished-it-to-be piano out onto a field for photos and it was worth every grunt!  More importantly was the adorable couple sitting in front of it.  Elonna and Stephen ooze this happy silliness that screams that they are in love. Luckily the clouds came in that day to give us a very unique sunset.  Whenever we get unique weather conditions, we love to take advantage of it and create something different.  Take a look below and you’ll see what we mean.

laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0001 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0002 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0003 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0005 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0006 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0007

We specialize in lighting, so that’s why our engagement photography has an extra pop to it.  For example, above is with natural light, while below is lit with strobes.

laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0008 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0009 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0010 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0011 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0012 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0013 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0014

After the beginning of the engagement photo session in Irvine, we headed to Laguna Beach for more engagement photography at one of our favorite spots to shoot.

laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0015 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0017 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0018 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0019 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0020 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0021 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0022 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0024 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0025

We LOVE textured sunsets at Laguna beach!  Photography in this setting requires a good understanding of artificial light to pull out the amazing backdrops.

laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0027 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0028 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0029 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0030

And here is an example of slow-shutter speed photography.  I love the way it turns the water into magical wisps of movement, while our couple is locked in a sincere kiss.  This is the type of romantic engagement photography we aim for, and Laguna Beach is a great spot for pulling that off.

laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0031 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0032 laguna-beach-engagement-photography-0033

Check out our blog for more examples of engagement photography in Laguna Beach and Irvine.  Laguna Beach does require a permit for wedding photography and engagement photography, so definitely check in with the city hall for a permit.

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