San Juan Capistrano & Laguna Beach Engagement Photography | Aubree & Kyle

Our photo-video team just did Aubree & Kyle’s gorgeous vineyard wedding in Temecula (wine country) this pasted Saturday.  I just have to share this sneak peek with everyone!! And I can’t wait to share more photos from their wedding soon.  But first… check out their fun and romantic engagement session in San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Beach.  Enjoy…

I know I say it a lot, but really… my couples are so freakin’ awesome!!  We are so grateful to cross paths with so many wonderful couples and even more blessed to build a friendship with them (outside of all the wedding planning).  Aubree and Kyle are one of the many couples that we’ve gotten to know personally (within this past year) and our growing friendship holds a special place in my heart.  During our initial meeting, we chatted away like old friends while grabbing a beer or two… or three!! Haha.  And after their engagement session, Gavin and I introduced them to Gen Korean BBQ!!  Whaaaaatt??  I can’t believe Aubree and I had two carafes of peach-yogurt Soju. So yummy!!  And did I also mention that they are beyond sweet and thoughtful??  For my 30th birthday, they took me wine-tasting in Temecula.  [Ok… now I’m beginning to sound like an alcoholic, but really… i’m not!!]  =)


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