Amanda + Joe | Pasadena City Hall Elopement Wedding

Amanda + Joe are already having the large wedding with all the family and friends, but decided to do a courthouse (or in this case, the Pasadena City Hall) elopement wedding ceremony for sealing the legal part of getting hitched.  They chose a weekday, with only two others to witness this small, private, and intimate moment in the creation of a couple’s bond.  Pasadena City Hall was a perfect location for such a wedding ceremony, with it’s classic architecture and iconic courtyard as a backdrop for their private elopement wedding ceremony.

Intimate Wedding Ceremony at Pasadena City Hall

Elopement Couple Photos at Pasadena City Hall

Elopement Wedding Photography

This article shows a Pasadena City Hall elopement wedding ceremony.  These small, intimate wedding ceremonies usually involve the couple, an officiant, a witness or two, and a wedding photographer to capture the event.  That’s why it’s important to choose an elopement photographer that can make such an intimate ceremony more comfortable and easy.  Amanda and Joe decided to have a separate civil wedding ceremony to make the actual wedding day easier and more convenient.  Many of our couples have their legal wedding (or civil wedding) on another day to make things work better, often with legal and monetary considerations.  We did the same ourselves, where we had our civil wedding ceremony at a courthouse.  This made it easier on our wedding and reception party, where our friend officiated (and did not need to get ordained for that day).

Make sure to check out our wedding photo blog for more examples of intimate wedding and elopement photography.  If you are interested in booking us for an intimate courthouse wedding, check out our website for current wedding prices.

Coronavirus and Small Weddings

Especially during these times where we are dealing with coronavirus and covid19, small wedding ceremonies are becoming the best and safest way to celebrate. Small is safe, and outdoors is even safer. This small elopement wedding ceremony is an ideal way to have a wedding ceremony during coronavirus. Here are special coronavirus wedding prices that we have for our couples. As a guideline, the best ways to reduce risk are:

  • Reduce the headcount: this is not just a governmental mandate, but it’s essential for reducing the risk to your loved ones
  • Outdoors, not indoors: COVID19 transmits 20x more indoors
  • Distancing: to physically distance, you need more space and fewer people