Huntington Beach Wedding Photography (Orange County)

Here are blog articles of wedding photography taken in Huntington Beach. Wedding photography in Orange County is our local specialty and below are examples to view. Huntington Beach is known for it's wide open expanses of sand leading up to a clean horizon of ocean. There is a local pier and resorts line the iconic Pacific Coast highway (PCH). From the Huntington Hyatt to the Hilton Waterfront, there is a good reason that many brides choose Huntington Beach as their wedding location.

Wedding Photography in Huntington Beach (Orange County)

There are several amazing venues for wedding photography in Huntington Beach. Wedding photography on the large, flat sands of the beaches can bring out amazing photos that can isolate the couple with a stark sand/sky contrast. Wedding Venues such as the Huntington Hyatt provide a slew of amazing locations to shoot at. Right next to the Huntington Hyatt Regency is the Huntington Beach Hilton Waterfront Hotel, another amazing spot for wedding photography. The Huntginton Hyatt is known for a scenic bridge that crosses PCH over to the beach. For the best Huntington Beach wedding photography, please look at the above articles at the many weddings we have shot in this wonderful part of Orange County.