Orange County Engagement Photography Sessions (OC)

Here are blog articles of engagement photography in Orange County. Engagement photography sessions in Orange County have a distinct and beautiful look and feel to them. The best beaches on the west coast claim Orange County as their home, ranging from the wide open sandy expanses of Seal Beach and Huntington Beach to the ragged and textured cliffs of Laguna Beach and Crystal Cove. Make sure that when doing engagement photography in Orange County that you choose an engagement photographer experienced with the many scenic locations that Orange County has to offer. From gorgeous parks to flowing fields to amazing sunsets, OC (Orange County) has so much to offer photographically

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Things to consider for Engagement Photography in Orange County

  • Locations my require permits
  • Due to obtrusive wedding photographers, many locations are locking down their location. By enforcing a "no photography" rule, they keep their private property status (we are legally obilgated to stop shooting). This is happening to many places that seem like free, open, public spaces. Double check to make sure a location allows engagement or wedding photography before dedicating time and energy into that location.

  • Hotels now are stricter on wedding photography
  • High-end hotels are now locking down on wedding photography. Before it was to protect the privacy of celebrities and VIP guests staying at the hotel. Hotels like the Laguna Niguel Ritz-Carlton and the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort have started limiting wedding photography to only couples having their actual wedding at that resort. This means that getting a suite or two doesn't guarantee that you can do a quick first look and couples session before your wedding ceremony. Check before you book the room.

  • The beaches in Orange County are some of the best in the country
  • There is a reason that many flock to the sunny beaches of Orange County. Laguna Beach has some of the most interesting rocky cliffs combined with amazing sunsets. Huntington Beach has a wide expanse of sand, along with a scenic pier. From the southernmost San Clemente beaches to the northernmost Seal Beach, Orange County is a go to spot for beach engagement photography

  • For an urban look, head up to Los Angeles for an engagement photography session
  • Aside from the historic Spanish style missions (like the iconic San Juan Capistrano Mission), an old building in Orange County is usually something made in the 70s. For an urban or architectural look and feel to your engagement photography session, Los Angeles will have more options, especially in downtown Los Angeles. Engagement photography in DTLA is both urban and classic. There are spots that bring up the real historical look of early California, along with modern buildings that show the best of modern design California can provide.

  • Orange County is better for outdoor shoots
  • Most photography locations in Orange County are outdoors, usually at the beaches or in fields/parks. Most indoor locations require permission and consist mostly of beach resorts and historic homes.

    Orange County Engagement Photography

    When doing engagement photography in Orange County, you want to choose a photographer that will help maximize the many beautiful and textured locations that Orange County has to offer. There are the many beautiful beaches, such as the wide and flat Huntington Beach to the rock cliffs in Laguna Beach. There are many open fields and natural settings, from Rancho Santa Margarita to Dove Canyon to Irvine. There are rustic and textured locations, such as the historic mission in San Juan Capistrano. You can capture amazing sunsets when doing Laguna Beach engagement photography. There are also specific beaches that are more private, such as Victoria Beach

    Laguna Beach Engagement Photography

    Arguably one of the prettiest beaches in Southern California, Laguna Beach is known for it's scenic views and rugged cliffs. With great sand and amazing rock formations, photographs almost take themselves at the many small beaches that line up and down the shore. Doing engagement photogrpahy in Laguna Beach works better if the photographer has already familiar with the location, but make sure that they have the artistic drive to create unique and amazing images out of the beautiful backdrop of Laguna Beach. By the way, the offensive or pushy photographer can get fined, since Laguna Beach has a $500/day permit for shoots. I've found that being unobtrusive and kind helps avoid those tickets. For examples, go to our section on Laguna Beach engagement photography