Night Engagement Photography (Low-light)

We specialize in night engagement photography in lowlight situations. Nighttime engagement photography requires a knowledge of low light lighting techniques. Downtown Los Angeles is the most ideal spot for lowlight photography, but we usually do it at almost any wedding reception (after the sun sets).

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Engagement photography at night

We specialize in low-light photography, which is why we LOVE shooting in downtown Los Angeles at night. When the sun goes down, our pictures are no longer dictated by the sun. It is only limited by our lights and the imagination behind using them. From there we can create unique images that no one else has, making it original engagement photography. Downtown Los Angeles gives us such a pretty backdrop to play with, since the lights stay on even at 2am. When shooting in the sun, we have to use lights that match the intensity of the sun, which is very bright. However, at night we can choose almost any lighting we want, giving us a large amount of control over the ambient light in the background. Look at the many example above of night engagement photography sessions.