“Love on Hope Street” | a Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Shoot

Leslie-Anne and Reggie both have a love for acting and met (in an acting club) while they were attending undergrad at UC Berkeley.  They were often casted across from each other.  Ironically they had to “act in love” before they actually fell in love!!  After they both graduated from UC Berkley, Leslie-Anne continued with her acting career and has been casted in many TV shows (i.e. NCIS, Days of Our Lives, CSI: NY, 10 Things I Hate About You, etc.)  Reggie went on and got his MBA and is now a management consultant.

Leslie-Ann and Reggie are a modern couple living a modern lifestyle.  This selection of images is aimed at capturing a contemporary look with techniques reminiscent of the 60’s.  Gavin and I had a great time hanging out with this lovely couple and we can’t wait to do wedding photography at the beautiful Walt Disney Concert Hall.

I love themed engagement photography sessions!

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