Wedding Photography at the Beach

Beach wedding photography is one of the main reasons to have a wedding in California. Los Angeles and Orange County have many great beaches for wedding photography at the beach. We specialize in remote lighting, so our beach photography (especially sunsets) allows has a dramatic lit look. Just make sure you don't mind getting a little sand in your wedding dress!

Wedding Photography | Beach Wedding Photographers

Doing beach wedding photography requires an understanding of balancing ambient light and strobed light in a condition of continually changing light. As the sun sets, it changes the entire picture, requiring the beach wedding photographer to re-adjust his camera and light settings to make a better picture. This gets even more complicated during a beach ceremony, where there is a whole crowd to factor in. Take a look at the images above and you can see how we excel as beach wedding photographers. Whether it's beach wedding photography or beach engagement photography, we can create artistic and memorable images. Southern California has many scenic beaches that offer so many photographic opportunities. From the bluffs of Malibu Beach (in Los Angeles county) to the gorgeous beaches of Laguna Beach (in Orange County), Judy and Gavin can create those iconic beach engagement and beach wedding photos that you see above.