Barbara + Charles | Laguna Beach Elopement Wedding Ceremony

This is the intimate elopement wedding ceremony of an older couple wanting a small beach wedding.  They chose a Laguna Beach elopement wedding and we covered the wedding photography for this personal and beautiful civil ceremony.  We had both the elopement wedding ceremony and wedding couple photos at Victoria Beach.

Barbara + Charles chose to have their beautiful and intimate elopement wedding in Laguna Beach, specifically Victoria Beach.  The rhythmic waves crashing up against the soft sand softly echoed in the background as most of their friends and family dressed in beach casual white attire.  The officiant made the head count about 15, which I’d classify as a small and intimate wedding ceremony.  This was a much more scenic version of a civil ceremony.

After the elopement wedding ceremony, we did a quick couples wedding photography session, which also included photos of their new family together.

Elopement Wedding Ceremony in Laguna Beach

This intimate beach wedding setting is the perfect spot for an elopement with just the close friends and family they care about.  I have to say that the red from the roses really stuck out from the white and brown tones of everything else around.  This was a beautiful beach wedding ceremony at Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach.  Victoria Beach is known for its picturesque rocks and Pirate Tower.

Elopement Wedding Photography at Laguna Beach

After the Laguna Beach elopement wedding ceremony, we did some beach wedding photos around the many rocks and features of Victoria Beach, including the famous Pirates Tower.  The sunset was gorgeous and moody that day, giving us plenty of texture in the sky to play with.  After that we did photos with their new family all together.  We love using remote strobes to capture the sunset with our couples with dramatic lighting and rich, high contrast colors.

This is a Laguna Beach elopement wedding ceremony, specifically at Victoria Beach.  Elopement weddings are a very intimate affair and requires wedding photographers that can handle such a personal event.  Make sure that you choose a photographer that can capture your elopement wedding or civil ceremony while adding to the warmth of such a gathering.  We love the intimacy and closeness experienced at such a personal occasion.  It’s not just something that we specialize in photographing, but it’s something that we personally love to see and be a part of.

You can find more examples of intimate elopement wedding ceremonies on our wedding photography blog.  Also make sure to check our online pricing for intimate weddings, courthouse weddings, and elopement wedding photography.

Small Wedding Ceremonies During Coronavirus

During the era of coronavirus, it has been trying to adapt to the new restrictions that COVID19 puts on weddings and events. Here are some basic guidelines for dealing with weddings during coronavirus:

  • Lower the Headcount: small, intimate weddings (sometimes called microweddings) are safer, smarter, and easier during a pandemic. The fewer people, the safer your loved guests will be.
  • Outdoors is Safer: Coronavirus spreads 20x more indoors, so having a wedding on the beach is a great way to make your wedding safer.
  • Masks are Essential: it’s one of the best ways to slow or stop an airborne and aerosolized virus, so just do it. It looks weird in photos, but it’s something that will timestamp your wedding to this historic time.
  • Physical Distancing: This goes hand in hand with wearing masks, having lower headcounts (for lower density), and as a reminder that hugs and handshakes are a no-no.

Make sure that we all stay safe and smart during these times.