Santa Monica Wedding Photography articles

Below are examples of wedding photography in Santa Monica. These showcase the beautiful sunset photos, the Santa Monica Pier, and the many hotels that line the coast. This includes Casa Del Mar, Loews, Shutters, Viceroy, and the Shore Hotel.

Wedding Photography in Santa Monica

Wedding photography (Santa Monica and West Los Angeles) is great due to the beach sunset photos and the varying locations and textures the area has to offer. From the beaches of Santa Monica to the many hotels that line the Los Angeles coast, there is an abundance of backdrops for any wedding photographer in Santa Monica to take advantage of. This includes the many surrounding areas, such as Malibu Beach to the North, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Marina Del Rey, and Venice Beach. Make sure that your wedding photographer knows about permits and restrictions when shooting in Santa Monica, since they sometimes apply to wedding photography. Santa Monica is also an ideal night photography or low-light photography location due to the abundance of light on the pier and surrounding buildings. Above you'll see examples for Casa Del Mar wedding ceremony, Sunset Restaurant, Venice Beach, the Viceroy Hotel, and Shutters wedding ceremony.