Huntington Beach Hyatt Wedding Photography | Ashley & Matt

When I think of Ashley and Matt, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are a sweet, sweet couple.  No seriously, they are really that way with each other.  Imagine a sweet, elderly couple, 30-40 years into their marriage.  It’s like having a crystal ball and peeking in on that pure couple on their wedding day.

Ashley and Matt had their wedding at the San Antonio Catholic Church in Anaheim Hills and continued to their wedding reception at the Huntington Hyatt.  I LOVE shooting at the Huntington Hyatt, since there is always somewhere to shoot on the large property at any time of the day!  For example, here’s our sunset shot:


The Huntington Hyatt is exactly how a resort on the beach in Southern California should feel like.  Also, their wedding was in December (I know, I’m late with blogging as usual), so you’ll see the Christmas accents around the resort.  But all backgrounds and settings aside, our couple, Ashley and Matt is by far the most memorable part of the wedding day. Even months after the wedding, the sweet text messages we get from them (checking in on our baby status!) reminds us of a beautiful couple starting a new life together, and hopefully we can see them grow their family in the years to come.  Gavin and I look forward to hanging out with that elderly couple, chatting about the Thai food we ate after their engagement shoot in Laguna Beach.  And like the four flavors of Thai food, we’ll talk about the bitter, the sour, the salty, but most importantly the sweet.

huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0001 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0002 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0008 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0009 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0010 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0011 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0012 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0013 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0015 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0016 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0017 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0018 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0019 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0020 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0021 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0022 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0024 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0027 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0027' huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0028 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0030 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0031 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0032 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0033 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0034 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0035 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0036 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0038 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0039 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0041

After the wedding ceremony at the San Antonio Catholic Church in Anaheim Hills, we traveled to the Huntington Hyatt for wedding photography of the bridal party and our beautiful couple.

huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0043 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0044

I love these candid wedding photography moments like this one!


It was before Christmas, so we had some photos where we used the seasonal Christmas decorations at the Huntington Hyatt for some awesome wedding photography opportunities.

huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0047 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0050 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0051 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0052 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0053 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0054 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0055

Here a a wedding photo of the banquet hall at the Huntington Hyatt in Huntington Beach.

huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0056 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0057 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0058 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0059 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0061 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0064 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0067 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0068 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0069 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0070 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0071 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0073 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0076 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0077

I always love the chance to shoot the entire wedding on the dance floor, which makes it super easy for the DJ to get everyone dancing right after the photo is taken.

huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0078 huntington-beach-hyatt-wedding-photography-0087

For more examples of Huntington Hyatt wedding photography and Anaheim Hills wedding photography, check out the rest of our blog.

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