San Diego Balboa Park + Sunset Cliffs Engagement Photography | Cameron + Whitman

Cameron and Whitman are a very San Diego -ish couple, so what better than a shoot at Balboa Park in San Diego, followed by a beautiful sunset at Sunset Cliffs.  Cameron and Whitman met at college, where they were both actually swimmers (which was funny since I’ve shot Olympic swimmers before).  They are having a wedding out of the country, but wanted local photos for their engagement photography session.  So what better than in scenic San Diego. Just look at the image below, with the water surrounding their ankles with the sunset in the background.

Sunset Cliffs San Diego Engagement Photography
Sunset Cliffs San Diego Engagement Photography

Engagement photography at sunset cliffs was absolutely breathtaking.  We started the shoot in Balboa park with their adorable dog.

To see more examples of engagement photography in San Diego but also in Los Angeles and Orange County, make sure to check out the rest of our wedding photography blog.  This engagement session was shot at Sunset Cliffs at the beach in San Diego and started at the iconic Balboa Park in San Diego.

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