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Destination Wedding Photographer

Judy and Gavin are destination wedding photographers based in Los Angeles and Orange County. We travel pretty much anywhere, given enough notice and with all expenses covered. We love exploring tropical and exotic destination wedding locations. When planning a desination wedding, the photographer can be a difficult choice if only selecting a local one (which can sometimes not match your tastes). Sometimes choosing a wedding photographer in your local area is a better choice, where you can do a test engagement photography session to ensure that you feel comfortable with them. Having a destination wedding photographer guarantees that you will have a wedding photographer you are comfortable with and that you can trust, especially since they are locally liable to deliver your photos. I've heard stories of destination weddings where the photos weren't delivered in a timely manner (due to the distance and lack of accountability). Make sure to choose Judy and Gavin as your destination wedding photographers to guarantee beautiful and creative pictures for your ideal, dream wedding. You can see an example of a destination wedding we shot in Maui, Hawaii here.