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Trash the Dress | Laguna Beach + San Juan Capistrano | Celine + Bobby

Celine and Bobby wanted a post-wedding shoot, where they could shoot at another location not possible on their wedding day.  Even though the phrase “Trash the Dress” is commonly used, it sometimes is more of a post-wedding couples portrait session (trashing the dress is not necessary).  One thing that is nice is that we don’t have to worry about anything happening to the wedding dress (sand, dirt, water, etc.).  We also had a chance to shoot couples photos with Celine in her Qipao (chi pao or traditional Chinese wedding gown), which we didn’t get the chance to do on the wedding day. So read on for our “Trash the Dress” Laguna Beach and San Juan Capistrano mission wedding photography session.

This blog article shows a post-wedding couples portrait photography session commonly known as Trash the Dress (Laguna Beach and San Juan Capistrano). We had our bride in a traditional Chinese qipao dress at the San Juan Capistrano mission, where the red dress contrasted beautifully with the tan and sandy shades of the mission. Then we hopped over to Table Rock Beach in Laguna Beach for more couples wedding photography.

A trash the dress session (or “rock the frock” or “fearless bridal”) gives up a lot of flexibility that we don’t get on a wedding day. We can get the wedding dress dirty, go in the sand, and even get it wet in salt water if you choose.

For more examples of wedding photography in Orange County and Mission San Juan Capistrano, check our the rest of our blog.  This trash the dress wedding photography session was started at Mission San Juan Capistrano and ended with a sunset at Laguna Beach.