Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Photography | Danli & Bryant

Danli and Bryant are friends of ours, so we were actually guests at their wedding (which is why our good and trusted friend Doug of Furious Photographers shot their wedding at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu).  I took this opportunity to help Danli out with wedding planning and coordination (while Gavin got to sit back, watch the wedding, and drink beer).  Even though it was my first time, all those years of shooting weddings really helped out with knowing and expecting everything.  Our associate video team did do the wedding video though, which came out super awesome!

We were able to do their engagement shoot for them.  Danli and Bryant love to travel, so we started their shoot at LAX.  For years, they had a long distance relationship from LA to the Philippines, so LAX is no stranger to them.   After that, we hopped over to Downtown Los Angeles for the rest of the engagement photo session, since this represents the LA side of their relationship.

downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0001 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0002 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0003 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0004

After starting the engagement photography session at LAX, we headed to a park in Downtown Los Angeles to finish the engagement photo session.

downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0005 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0006

downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0007 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0008 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0009 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0010 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0012 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0013 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0014 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0015 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0016 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0017

I love this view of downtown LA from this park.  Engagement photography is a mixture of capturing beautiful settings and intimate moments, which you can see in these engagement photos.

downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0018 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0019 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0020 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0021 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0022 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0023 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0024 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0025 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0026 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0027 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0028 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0029 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0030 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0032 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0033 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0034

For more examples of our engagement photography in Los Angeles and LAX, check out our blog.  This article has examples of lowlight night photography.



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