Banff National Park, Alberta Canada Destination Wedding Photography | Jill & Stephen

We love destination weddings, and we love Jill and Stephen!! From our very initial Skpe conference call to meeting them and doing their engagement photos at Disneyland, Jill and Stephen have been nothing but an absolute joy to work with. Last month, Gavin and I had the pleasure of flying to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada to photograph Jill and Stephen’s wedding at the Rimrock Hotel. Holy Cow, it was GORGEOUS!! I’d have to say that Banff has some of the most beautiful lakes in the world.  When we were physically there, everything looked like a painting. And if we weren’t really there in person, I’d say it was photo-shopped. Really!! See for youself! =)


Jill and Stephen had their destination wedding on the last weekend of August. It was a chilly early Fall afternoon in the beautiful courtyard of the Rimrock Hotel where Jill and Stephen vowed their love. It was raining on and off but that didn’t stop them from promising forever to each other (in the warm embrace of only close friends and family). Surrounded by serene mountains and fresh evergreen, the picturesque landscape was painted before us. It’s no wonder it is such a sought after and coveted vacation destination.  One memory that sticks with me most is of Jill and Stephen holding hands as the weather transitioned from sunny to sprinkling in a matter of minutes.  As they as stood their in the rain reciting their vows, the rain only managed to glisten their smiles and wet their love and desire for each other!

banff-wedding-photography-0001 banff-wedding-photography-0002 banff-wedding-photography-0004 banff-wedding-photography-0005   banff-wedding-photography-0012 banff-wedding-photography-0013 banff-wedding-photography-0015 banff-wedding-photography-0018 banff-wedding-photography-0019 banff-wedding-photography-0020 banff-wedding-photography-0021

Love this photo of Jill laughing as her sisters helped her into the dress.

banff-wedding-photography-0022 banff-wedding-photography-0023 banff-wedding-photography-0024

Isn’t that a gorgeous view??

banff-wedding-photography-0026 banff-wedding-photography-0027 banff-wedding-photography-0029 banff-wedding-photography-0030 banff-wedding-photography-0031 banff-wedding-photography-0033 banff-wedding-photography-0036

banff-wedding-photography-0044banff-wedding-photography-0037 banff-wedding-photography-0037' banff-wedding-photography-0038 banff-wedding-photography-0039 banff-wedding-photography-0040 banff-wedding-photography-0041 banff-wedding-photography-0042 banff-wedding-photography-0043  banff-wedding-photography-0045 banff-wedding-photography-0046 banff-wedding-photography-0047

After the wedding ceremony, we drove all around Banff taking bridal party and couple portraits. We started off the session in heavy rain, but it soon cleared up. I seriously can photograph them ALL day!!

banff-wedding-photography-0053  banff-wedding-photography-0055

Our first stop was Two Jack Lake

banff-wedding-photography-0058 banff-wedding-photography-0060 banff-wedding-photography-0063 banff-wedding-photography-0064


Lake Minnewanka was absolutely beautiful!!

banff-wedding-photography-0065 banff-wedding-photography-0066 banff-wedding-photography-0067 banff-wedding-photography-0069 banff-wedding-photography-0070

banff-wedding-photography-0052 banff-wedding-photography-0071 banff-wedding-photography-0073 banff-wedding-photography-0074 banff-wedding-photography-0076 banff-wedding-photography-0078 banff-wedding-photography-0079 banff-wedding-photography-0080

banff-wedding-photography-0082 banff-wedding-photography-0083 banff-wedding-photography-0086 banff-wedding-photography-0087 banff-wedding-photography-0091

I love the dark black with hints of purple and pink. Beautiful choice of color.

banff-wedding-photography-0092 banff-wedding-photography-0092' banff-wedding-photography-0093 banff-wedding-photography-0095

Stephen is a HUGE Starwars fan, so Jill surprised her new hubby with a Groom’s cake.  So sweet and thoughtful.

banff-wedding-photography-0096 banff-wedding-photography-0097 banff-wedding-photography-0098 banff-wedding-photography-0099 banff-wedding-photography-0102  banff-wedding-photography-0104 banff-wedding-photography-0112 banff-wedding-photography-0113 banff-wedding-photography-0114 banff-wedding-photography-0118 banff-wedding-photography-0120 banff-wedding-photography-0123 banff-wedding-photography-0128 banff-wedding-photography-0133 banff-wedding-photography-0134 banff-wedding-photography-0139 banff-wedding-photography-0140 banff-wedding-photography-0141 banff-wedding-photography-0142 banff-wedding-photography-0143 banff-wedding-photography-0144

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