Padua Hills Theatre, Claremont Wedding Photography | Vy & Mike

Happy Wednesday and Happy 2014 everyone!!  May the New Year bring you all lots of happiness, great health, and much love!!  Gavin and I had a wonderful 2013 and wish to take this chance to thank all of our amazing couples!! It’s because of you all that we are able to do what we love and along the way build so many friendships!!  We are so excited for what 2014 has in store for us and we look forward to all the new couples and new venues that we’ll get to explore.  And a big congratulations to all the couples that got engaged over the holidays!!  

As we start off 2014, one of my New Year resolutions is to blog more and share more weddings and engagement sessions with everyone.  I am officially six to seven months behind with blogging, and I apologize that I can’t share every session.  =(  I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to share at least one wedding or engagement sessions per a week.

And with that said… I’d like to start with this gorgeous wedding at Padua Hills Theatre in Claremont!!  Gavin and I have lived in San Dimas for almost 2 years now and I can’t believe this is our first time shooting at Padua Hills Theatre.  It’s such an enchanting venue tucked away in the foothills of Claremont.  We seriously live about 15 minutes away from this hidden gem.  Gavin and I love this venue so much, we are actually considering it as one of the venues for when we renew our 10 year wedding vows. LOL!!  We still have 7 more years to go (haha), but hey a girl a dream!!

You may remember Vy & Mike from their cute and romantic engagement session in Laguna Beach.  They met 7 years ago at a night club in Sacramento.  Vy was blown away when Mike boldly broke her “friend” circle and brought sexy back on the dance floor!!  Their wedding was nothing short of amazing and fun!! I love everything about it!  Enjoy…

padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0001 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0003 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0005 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0006 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0007 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0008 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0009 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0011

Their first look was so cute!! Vy pinched his butt!  LOL

padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0013 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0015 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0016 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0017 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0018 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0019 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0020 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0021 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0023 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0024 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0025 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0026 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0027 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0028 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0029 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0030 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0032

They had their two furry babies, Nismo and Viva walked down the aisle as well.  So cute!!


Vy is probably one of the calmest bride I’ve worked with.  Just minutes before the wedding ceremony, there was a little mishap.  Oh… nothing big!! Just the hem of her petty coat FELL OFF… that’s all!!  She was so calm and was smiling the whole time while her bridesmaids sewed her dress.  And the serendipitous thing was, one of the gifts she gave her girls were sewing kits.  Haha.  Came in handy.

padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0034 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0035


And finally, here she is… escorted down the aisle by her daddy!!padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0038 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0041 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0043 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0047

They decided to have a Westernized wedding but to honor their parents and grand parents, they included the traditional tea ceremony within the modern ceremony.  Great idea!!padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0048 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0052 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0053

The ballroom looked amazing thanks to Cristina of Posh Peony Events!!


padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0054 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0055

padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0058 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0059 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0060 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0061 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0062 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0063 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0064 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0065 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0066 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0068

During dining, we sneaked the Bride and Groom out for a few night photos!!

padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0069 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0070

I absolutely LOVE these! So enchanting…

padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0071 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0072 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0073 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0075 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0076

Once the caking cutting was done, the party started!! Dancing, shots, more shots, dancing, and MORE SHOTS!! My kinda wedding! LOL

padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0079 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0080 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0081 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0082 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0084

And here… we all got to see Mike’s impressive dance moves!!


Mike’s dance off with his nephew!! LOL… Mike, stop picking on the little kids (and pick on someone your own size). =D

padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0086 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0087

Yup… more shots!!

padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0088 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0089 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0108 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0117 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0120 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0121 padua-hills-theatre-wedding-photography-0125

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