LA Arboretum Family Photography | The Holt Family

This is probably gonna be my last blog post for the year of 2013 and I can’t think of a better way to end than with my favorite family… the Holts!!  In case the last name Holt doesn’t give it away… [haha], it’s my brother & sister-in-law and my super duper adorable nephew Luke!!

Just a couple of days ago, Gavin and I babysat Luke and it was so much fun hanging out with him. I haven’t babysat anyone since I was a teenager so I was a little nervous at first, but he was such a good little boy. My favorite and most fondest moment from that day was when I held him in my arms, sat in the rocking chair and sang him to sleep.  My heart melted as he looked up at me while I sang to him.  And it was that moment… for the first time in my life, I played “mommy” and it was such an incredible feeling!!  Uh Oh Gavin… I think I’m finally ready!! Haha.

For the last few months, I’ve been trying to teach Luke to say “Ju-Ju”.  He’s been teasing me for a while but he finally did it!! He said “Ju-Ju”  Yay!!  Insert BIG SMILE here!!  And the more exciting news is… Luke is gonna be a big brother soon!! Congratulations again to Nancy & Alan!

Look at that face!!  He’s always such a happy camper!


LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0001 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0003 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0004 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0005 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0008 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0009 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0010

Kissing baby…

LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0011 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0012

LOVE this picture!!

LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0013 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0014 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0015 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0016 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0017 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0018 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0020 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0021 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0022 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0023 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0024 LA-Arboretum-Family-Photography-0025

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