S-Fine Dining Restaurant Wedding Photography | Thuy & Hollie

Doing wedding photography at S-Fine Dining Restaurant will always have a special place in a heart.  Every time I’m at S, I’m always reminded of the beautiful memories from our  own wedding back in 2010.  Thuy and Hollie choose yellow… the color that represents hope and friendship as their wedding color.  These two unifying themes are seen at every wedding.  And with every wedding, we see the newfound love and hope in each couple… it the  hope that begins with every life-long relationship and ends with a happily ever after.  At every wedding we also see the many bonds of friendship that come from many walks of life.  Thuy and Hollie’s friendship started as neighborhood friends.  “He would use to tease me and chase me around when we were in middle school,” Thuy told me.  And after the childish puppy love was over, they then became high school sweethearts.  Now that Thuy is finishing her bachelors, they finally decided to tie the knot!!  

We once again worked with the talented Kathy Tran from Kelly Zhang Studio.

Having been together for sooooo many years, Thuy and Hollie decided to take a more nontraditional approach to their wedding day.  They actually got ready together and Hollie actually helped Thuy get into her dress.

he BIT her!! LOL  Love bite… definitely a love bit.

Their beautiful wedding ceremony and reception was hosted at S-Fine Dining Restaurant.  With a stylish and sensuous dining environment, S is great for large gatherings, business meetings, and wedding reception.  Their staff is super friendly and provides excellent customer service.  And their food is to DIE FOR!!  Trust me… I’ve photographed there,  dine there, and even had my wedding there!! Thank you Stephanie Dinh for always being a joy to work with.

Instead of lighting a unity candle or having a sand pouring ceremony,  Thuy and Hollie decided to plant a bonsai together.

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