Irvine Regional Park, Family Photography | The Giglia Family

‘Tis the season…  for family portrait sessions that is!!  I’d like to start off the season with one of my favorite families… the Giglias.  This is my 4th year doing their family photos and I simply can’t get enough of them!! I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to capture these two cuties as they get older each year.  And with each year, their personalities shine through more and more.  I’m so excited to see what the future holds for them and I truly look forward to hanging out with them every year!

I love doing family portrait session, maily cause I love kids, but the Giglias have a special place in my heart.  They were one of my very first family sessions when I just started out.  And quiet honestly, hanging out with them makes me smile… constantly!! This year, their family portrait session was taken at Irvine Regional Park.  It was such a beautiful day and the lighting was just amazing!  At first, PJ was a little camera shy (which is expected as boys get older).  But with the help of little sister Lauren, he opened up in no time!  And as for Lauren… the camera LOVES her!!  I think she pretty much stole the show this year.  Haha  =)

Some things just never change!!  Same pose… 4 years apart!! So, so sweet isn’t it?





Just too funny and adorable!!


This picture reminds me of the ones you get when you purchase a picture frame.




PJ is such a wonderful big brother!!  He really is!


irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0015 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0016 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0017 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0018

I love this photo!! I love the background (so unreal), and I absolutely love the emotions captured.

irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0019 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0021 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0024 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0025

Yup… definitely a beautiful family!! =)

irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0027 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0028 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0029 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0030 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0031


Absolutely love these two!!

irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0033 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0037 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0039

They really do bring the kid out in me and I can’t help but to smile!!

irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0040 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0042 irvine-regional-park-family-photography-0043