Hayden Gail | Birth Photography C-Section of our 2nd Baby

We introduce to you our second bundle of joy in our lives, Hayden Holt! Having a child is one of the most emotional and transformative experiences in life, since it is witnessing the creation of life itself.  And like with the rush of emotions and happiness from a wedding, a childbirth passes so quickly into fading memories compounded by sleep deprivation.  So we have to say it’s amazing to be able to do birth photography of the very personal and real moments of our own experience.  We get to not only share our journey with friends and family, but we also get to relive the emotions and memories. This is birth photography of a C-Section, but it’s captured beautifully by the loving father of the newborn.

So without further ado, here is our little journey:

Entering the Hospital

Waiting for a C-section surgery

Since our first daughter was an emergency C-section, it was advised for us to have a second one, just in case the same complications arose. Let me tell you how rude and judgmental some people can be about that. We had other people freely inject “how wrong it was”/”the doctor is just making money”/”you don’t have to do that” without knowing a single thing about us or more importantly our medical history. They don’t know what we went through when we had our first child. They don’t know about the 24 hours of labor to try a natural birth. They don’t know about the emergency caesarean section. They don’t know about how 3 months earlier our friends tried to have a natural birth so badly that it almost killed the mom (not exxagerating). Some things are best left un-judged. We had a C-section because it was the smartest and safest thing for the health of the mom and baby.

Into surgery before 8am in the morning

Epidural for the Surgery

This photo of Judy holding onto the nurse as they gave her an epidural.

birth photography epidural
birth photography c-section surgery

The Birth by Caesarean Section

And here is where we got to see our little baby Hayden for the first time via caesarean section. We don’t care if it looks less natural or normal or photogenic or whatever; it’s our baby being safely delivered into this world.

birth photography c-section surgery
Little Hayden is born
birth photography c-section surgery
birth photography c-section surgery

Checking the Newborn

When every child is born, they are tested for an APGAR score, which tells you how healthy the baby is. Hayden is a healthy baby! And that is the only thing that should really matter to any parent.

birth photography APGAR Test
Her first cry as the test for APGAR
birth photos c-section surgery
birth photography weight measurements
A healthy weight at 7lb 3oz
birth photography swaddling the newborn
Swaddling up our baby

First time with Mommy

birth photography c-section surgery
Judy seeing Baby Hayden for the first time
birth photography c-section surgery family photo
Our first family photo!
birth photography c-section surgery
birth photos c-section surgery

Skin to Skin with Mommy

Skin to skin contact with the newborn has been proven through studies to have so many positive effects. When Judy was in recovery for the surgery, Gavin did skin to skin with the baby first until Judy came to (sometimes the medicine for the surgery can be strong, depending on the circumstances).

newborn photography skin to skin
birth photography skin to skin
newborn photography skin to skin
photography newborn swaddled
birth photography newborn swaddled

This is our story doing birth photography of a C-section birth of our own lovely child, Hayden. We know that c-sections are looked down on by some mothers and soon-to-be mothers. We’d hope that they would listen and be more open to what is best for the mother and child. Sometimes life deals you a hand and you have to do the less than ideal, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. Our child is beautiful, our growing family is beautiful, and these photos with forever be beautiful in our loving eyes.

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