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Here are wedding blog articles of Laguna Beach wedding photography at 7 degrees, an amazing art museum wedding venue in Orange County.

Wedding Photography at 7 degrees in Laguna Beach

Doing wedding photography at 7 degrees (Laguna Beach) is a photographer's playground, since the venue is so highly stylized. With a sleek, modern, and sophisticated design, the architecture at 7 degrees makes it stand out as an ideal spot for wedding photos. After all, it is based on an art gallery. The AV (audio/video) of the place is advanced, with colored ambient lighting that changes colors during each course. One challenge is balancing the ambient light with strobed lighting to effectively take advantage of the many colorful lights and reflective surfaces. For example of Laguna Beach wedding photography at 7 degrees, look no further than the wedding blog articles above. Judy and Gavin are a husband wife team that are both Laguna Beach wedding photographers. These blog articles are examples of Orange County wedding photography.