Disneyland Engagement Photography, California Adventures | Christine + Jaesen

Christine and Jaesen are will be having their wedding at Disneyland. They both love doing races together and have traveled to many Disneyland including Paris Disney where he proposed. So with their love for Disneyland, it’s only appropriate for this lovely couple to be doing their engagement at the Happiest Place on Earth.Engagement photography at Disneyland is like being a kid in a candy store, with so many photographic opportunities and themed backdrops.  More importantly, Disneyland has a huge amount of nostalgia for almost everyone.  We also went to California Adventures, which really lights up at night (you’ll notice it’s much brighter and well-lit than Disneyland).  We even found a spot to get really cool raining water photos!

For more fun engagement photography sessions at Disneyland and California Adventures, check out the many other engagement photo blog entires we have on this site.   This session started in Disneyland and went through Fantasyland and Toontown.  Then we finished the shoot at California Adventures, which had Cars land, Hollywood land, A Bug’s Land, and Paradise Pier.

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