Marriott Hotel, Costa Mesa Wedding Photography | Nicole & Brian

I (Gavin) am a big nerd at heart, so it always gets me excited when a couple knows a programming language that I’m doing a coding project in (in this case it was Lua).  Both Nicole and Brian are both techies, but more importantly they are a really cute couple together (couples that code together, stay together?).  You can see it in the photos, in their smiles, and in the love of their wedding day.

They chose the Costa Mesa Mariott (near the Segerstrom Center of the Arts on Avenue of the Arts) for their wedding ceremony and reception, with getting ready in the hotel.  It’s really nice having everything in one spot sometimes, since it makes the day more relaxed and easy-going.  It was also a small wedding (around 70 people), so you can also see the intimacy and interaction in a smaller group.

marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0001 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0002 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0004 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0007 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0008 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0010 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0011 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0012 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0013 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0014 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0016 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0017 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0018 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0019 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0020 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0021 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0022 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0023 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0024 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0025 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0026 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0028 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0031' marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0032 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0035 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0036 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0037 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0043 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0044 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0045 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0046 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0047 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0048 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0049 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0051 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0056 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0057 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0058 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0058' marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0059 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0060 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0060' marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0060'' marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0060''' marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0060'''' marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0060''''' marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0060''''''

While the ceremony in the courtyard of the Costa Mesa Mariott was happening, there was an artist that was painting the ballroom inside the Mariott Hotel.  This would eventually become a painting of their first dance, with the couple being the last to be painted.


Here is the ballroom at the Mariott Hotel (Costa Mesa).  It’s the smaller one, since this was an intimate wedding.

marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0062 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0063 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0066 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0070 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0071 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0073 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0075 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0077 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0078

During the reception, we pulled our couple outside for some quick photos in near the pond right outside the Mariott Hotel.  We did low-light photography to pull out colors from all of the artificial lighting in the surrounding plaza.

marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0082 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0084 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0085 marriott-costa-mesa-wedding-0086

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    I love the light from the back. Gorgeous!

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