Newport Beach, Balboa Island Engagement Photography | Linh & Danin

Rain, rain, go away.  But not until I’ve snapped away!

You know it’s going to be a good shoot when it’s raining and your couple shows up laughing, smiling, and a bottle of Remy Martin in hand.  Linh and Danin are the kind of couple that’s totally laid back and are always happy.  Heck, the worst thing Danin said about the rain is, “Well, at least I have the day off and get to spend it with my fiance!”  That’s a refreshing way to look at life.  I also love that they are nothing but smiles and giggles. We all had such a blast dancing in the rain, which lead to this picture at the end of the shoot:


We started the session in an open field and made our way to Balboa Fun Zone in Newport Beach. Both locations were completely empty due to the rain. And because of that, it was so much more romantic having the two of them alone, dancing in the rain. It also didn’t stop us from getting awesome photos!

balboa-island-engagement-photography-0001 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0002 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0004 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0005 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0007 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0008 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0009 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0010 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0011 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0012 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0014 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0015 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0016

After starting the engagement photography session in Irvine, we then headed over to the Fun Zone in Newport Beach to polish off the rest of the couples photography session.

balboa-island-engagement-photography-0017 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0019 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0020 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0021 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0022

We love intimate moments like this.  Our engagement photography has a wide variance of styles and lighting, but we like to capture a variety of intimate moments, scenic wide shots, and magical lighting (whether we find it or create it in low-light nighttime situations).

balboa-island-engagement-photography-0023 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0024 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0025 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0026 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0027 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0028

And this is why we love lowlight nighttime wedding and engagement photography opportunities.  On top of that you include a light drizzle and an umbrella that we brought especially for this shoot and you get amazing engagement photography in the rain!

balboa-island-engagement-photography-0029 balboa-island-engagement-photography-0031

Look around the rest of our blog for more examples of engagement photography and wedding photography in Orange County, Irvine, and Newport Beach.  This engagement photo session includes photography in the rain and in low light.

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