Santa Monica Airport & Helipad, Downtown LA Engagement Photography | Alexis & Aubrey

One of the best ways to plan an engagement shoot is to use your background and network to make for unique photography opportunities.Aubrey is a traffic controller and was able to arrange a photoshoot that included a hanger, a Canadair Challenger 600 series (I’m guessing a 604), and a rooftop helipad in Downtown Los Angeles.  Wow, that’s a lot of unique photo opportunities for one engagement session!  But all that effort to make the shoot more special definitely shows.  We started at Santa Monica Airport during the day to capture them in a hanger with a business jet all to ourselves.  If you ask me, they had a little bit of a Jay-Z and Beyonce thing going on! =)

airport-engagement-photography-0002 airport-engagement-photography-0003 airport-engagement-photography-0005 airport-engagement-photography-0006

Good scotch is a very welcome addition to any photoshoot!

airport-engagement-photography-0007 airport-engagement-photography-0008 airport-engagement-photography-0010 airport-engagement-photography-0011 airport-engagement-photography-0012 airport-engagement-photography-0013 airport-engagement-photography-0014 airport-engagement-photography-0015 airport-engagement-photography-0016

After the photoshoot at the Santa Monica Airport (SMO), we headed to downtown Los Angeles to polish off the engagement photography session with style.  They arranged access to a rooftop helipad that had an amazing view of the sunset.  Always a fan of remote lighting, we lit it up to pull out all of the amazing colors of the sunset.

helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0001 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0002 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0003 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0004 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0005 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0006 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0007 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0008 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0009 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0010

Normally construction cranes would be an eye sore in the background of any photo, but the silhouettes created by some of the DTLA (short for downtown Los Angeles) created a great accent for an urban photo.

helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0011 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0012 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0013 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0014 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0015 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0016 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0017 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0018 helipad-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0019

For this last photo, we used a filter to turn an array of lights into a field of stars.  We always try to create better images in camera versus using post-production after the fact.


What a perfect way to end a rooftop engagement photography session, but under the stars.  Thanks to Aubrey for arranging the helipad photography opportunity and the airport hanger as well.



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