Island Hotel, Newport Beach Wedding Photography | Atousa & Rusteen

Have you ever attended a Persian wedding before?  Every time we photograph a Persian wedding, it still catches us off guard as to how ornate and grand they tend to be.  The elaborate floor spread at the ceremony (Sofreh) is always a sight to see, especially as a photographer.  From the crystal decorations, the mirror of fate, and the many herbs, fruits, and pastries, I can’t decide what I want to photography first! Haha.  There are also many moments to capture, such as honey being fed to each other or sugar cones being ground above the couple’s head to symbolize a sweet marriage.

And what a sweet couple they are!! After the awesome engagement session at the Greystone Mansion, Atousa and Rusteen took us out to dinner.  It’s a nice contrast eating beef ribs with someone versus seeing them on their wedding day! But from BBQ sauce to white-wedding dress, the common thread is the sincerity of their relationship.  I guess it makes sense that they are a sweet couple, since Rusteen actually owns a soda pop and candy store, with his own flavors.  I guess if he had a soda pop drink called “wedding day,” it would be of honey and vanilla with a touch of saffron. =)

Their dream wedding was held at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach (Fashion Island). We once again had the pleasure of working with Persia Inc. Events by Sara. And special thanks to our good friend Doug Chan (of Furious Photographers) for coming along as my second shooter.

We started with a first look earlier in the day, which makes the rest of day much smoother (photographically speaking).  Persian weddings tend to busy and grand, so it’s easier on the wedding timeline.  Also, there is a unique intimacy to seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day alone (aside from the ninja photographers hiding around those bushes).

island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0011 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0012island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0013 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0015 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0016  island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0018

The Island Hotel is a luxurious resort in Orange County and one thing we always try to do is show off the location that our couples have chosen.  So we thought blue skies and palm trees next to the pool set the tone quite nicely, resembling an “island” wedding.

island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0019 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0020 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0021 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0022 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0023 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0024  island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0026 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0027 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0029 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0031

So for those that aren’t familiar with a Persian wedding ceremony, there is an elaborate and beautiful spread called a Sofreh, which contains many symbolic elements for the soon to be married couple.  Each one that we see is gorgeously different, but they all contain the same traditions.


Here, one can see the variety of candies, fruits, and herbs (amazingly laid out in decorative patterns), along with honey in a glass.

island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0033 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0043 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0045 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0048 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0049 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0050 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0051 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0052 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0053 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0055

We love it when wedding ceremonies have moments of laughter, smiles, and happy tears.

island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0057 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0058 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0059 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0062

And here is where they share the sweetness of their marriage together…

island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0065 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0066 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0067

The beautiful flowers were done by the talented Sako at Avant Garden. I absolutely love orchids!! =)

island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0070 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0071 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0072  island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0075 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0079 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0080 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0080' island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0081' island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0083 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0084 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0086 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0089 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0089' island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0124 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0125 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0126 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0128 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0129 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0130 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0131 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0132 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0133 island-hotel-newport-wedding-photography-0134



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