Pacific Palms Wedding Photography | Val & Jabra

It was a blast photographing Valerie and Jabra’s wedding at Pacific Palms. They are a sweet and caring couple who are all about creating a day just as much about their family and friends as it is about themselves.

Valerie and Jabra decided to keep it traditional and not see each other prior to their wedding ceremony. But what’s unique is that Valerie decided to do a “first look” with her father-in-law, her brother, and lastly her dad. It was such a wonderful idea to have a special moment with each and every important male in her life before she walks down the aisle towards her main man. Their wedding day was filled with lots of laughs and tears of happiness as both families welcome the other into their own. It was a day where as two hearts become one, two families join and two cultures (Latin and Middle Eastern) blend. I love that Valerie and Jabra are so thoughtful to include a Mariachi band and a belly dancer as a representation of entertainment for each culture.  It surely was a treat for everyone.

And as for me… we’ve done many church weddings (whether it be Christian or Catholic), but this is my first time doing an Orthodox Christian Wedding. The crowning, the common cup, the dance… all of which are a great learning experience for me. That’s one thing I love about what I do (my “job” if you will); I get to learn new things all the time and embrace the various cultures around me.

pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0001 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0002

This little flower girl was sooo adorable.  The camera loves her and she’s not at all shy with it.  =)


Moments like this are so special.  Jabra’s dad helping him get dressed for the big day.pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0009

And what’s really sweet is that Jabra got Val’s dad cuff-links that says, “Father of the Bride.  I loved her first.”

pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0011 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0014 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0016

Val’s first look with her father in law.  She also got him cuff links as well.

pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0018 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0019

Val’s first look with her brother.  So sweet that they are close to each other, It really reminds me of how close my brother (Steven) and I are.

pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0021 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0022

And last but not least, the man who loved her first!!  It was really a special moment and I couldn’t help by to cry watching them.  So sweet!!

pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0024 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0027 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0028

pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0029 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0030 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0031 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0032 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0034 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0036 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0037 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0038 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0040 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0041

pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0035 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0042 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0043 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0044 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0045 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0046 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0047 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0048 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0051

Hahaha… LOVE this!! pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0052 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0053 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0054 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0055 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0056 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0057 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0058 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0059 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0060 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0061 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0069 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0070 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0071 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0073 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0074 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0076 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0077  pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0080 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0081 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0082 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0084 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0085 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0087 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0089 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0090 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0091 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0094 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0096 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0097 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0099 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0108 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0110 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0112 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0113 pacific-palms-wedding-photography-0115



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